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Ippon Sms

The IpponSMS program was asked by my former Judo trainer.
This product displays on the computers screen any new sms that is received to the hardware device I, or hardware device II connected to it in a scrolling list at your computer. I should mention that these boards shoud be adjusted in terms of voltage, jumpers and RS232 proper wire conectivity and its changing with module version so unless you know what your are doing it will be better to let me pack and send you the boxed module with a voltage regulator so all you need to do is to connect a 12V/2A yacht battery or same abilities 240/110 wall outlet socket.

features apply both to IpponSMS-yacht and IpponSMS-party applets:
* all time query and display of GSM signal strength with numeric digits. with the IpponSMS-yacht it is crucial. * fail over recover ability: if there is a electricity shortcut or any kind of cable disconnection there is no SMS data loss. every SMS is saved neither to the disk nor to the flash memory of the device.
* saves all the list in a dated text file on the local hard disk date corresponds to the receiving date by the computer!
* reads latin1 and hebrew ASCII codes
* run asynchronously
* works either vista OS to windows 10 OS and rs232 to USB emulation cable (no need to rs232 socket in the computer)
* answers or deny cellular phone calls
* hides / display cursor
* option to show only a simple list without the fency scrolling.
* alert when there is a communication problem due to cable disconnection or hardware failure by blinking the new sms label in alrming backcolors. * IpponSMS-Party and IpponSMS-Yacht screenshots.

futuristic options:
* on IpponSMS-yacht: option to send a recurring or scheduled GPS location of the boat to a specific SMS target. * on IpponSMS-yacht: you will be able to run any executable on the computer by receiving a coded SMS to the modem. * save an edited html list of the received sms list to send to the party owner
* automatically disables screen saver while running, enables it back after closing the program
* runs with or without backround sound.
* runs with or without a new SMS sound notification.
* ablity to display the text from right to left or left to right.
* option to change resolution from the inner configuration program to 600 x 800 or 1024 x 768.
* option to change font type
* change to one or more backup pictures to your desired delay time
Someone's company offerred many kinds of party Gimics for teenages and asked me if I can develop something that can display on a big screen SMSs that are sent to the boy/girl having that party.
So with the help of hardware in which I played about 2 years ago I imidiatelly sayed that I can do it.
About a month later its about to be ready to use and now I will start to work on another, much smaller project for him also.
when both projects are ready to use I will meet him again but this time to display my work.
you have some pictures and a movie to deliver the idea of what i was talking about..

IpponSMS-Yacht (above)

IpponSMS-Party (above)
Price is 50$ before taxes not including hardware.

There are 3 options for hardware device which you can choose from, please consult me for a quote.

1)download and install prerequisite .NET Framework 4.6
2) download and install the program:

Download free trial: version: 11/9/2018

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