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MyOffice24 support chat (on behalf of one the 10 extinction animals: the Yangtze dolphin):

* ajax enabled cross domain support chat featured with customer waiting list.
* tested successfully on the 3 main browsers: explorer, Firefox and chrome.
* manager is advised to work on latest version of Internet explorer.
* option for supporter to kick user from the list whether he is online or on the waiting list.
* option to delete all waiting list.
* have sounds embedded for the supporter or user to notice changes. 
* waiting list operates as first logins is first served.
* any user on the list is acknowledged his place on the queue and becomes automatically online when number one.
   the moment a former conversation quits its chat, the next one is notified and turns online.
* you can put banner on the site to show whenever support is online/offline and busy talking to another person. the indicating online picture to your left (in my site)
* option to save all data transferred to sql database for future reference- only for a registered version which cost 5$ /month per site. and script will be hosted where MyOffice24.net site is hosted. (Texas, USA).
* for the registered version: build in form for archive conversations with keyword search ability.
   the unregistered version is free for download on my download page but conversations are not saved.
* plain text secured password login for support admin.
* you can define the supporter person's name.
* you are allowed to change the main logo in the full version.
* works under Asp.Net 4.0 platform.
* most of the server side code is closed in a few assemblies (dll's) but there is option to buy the complete source code.
* works and tested on mobile phones like Android OS.
* takes the support offline automatically if there is a support abnormal wire shortcut or more then 50 seconds network latency.
* removes user automatically from the waiting list or active chat if suspected for disconnection of 30 seconds or more.
* layout save its normal look in various screen resolutions.

Future options:
* sending sms to a desired mobile phone when the chat become active for the supporter as well as to the user. (the user will be asked for his number when he logs in).
* enable user to print the conversation before you leave.
* shows indication whether one of the sides is currently typing.
* spell checker
* multi lingual support
* manager can see the user browser type
* enable/disable sound
        These functions will be developed upon request or customers use.

Demo site:
You can open this test chat with the password above and "play" with it yourself. (the manager and the user has the same entry point)
on the same test you can see the Support status changes accordingly here.

Installation instructions:
last version: Aug/24/2010 written on the supporter main form.
* extract the zip file in a asp.net 4.0 supported web site.
* change the first lines in these two file: chat.js and online.js inside the media_js directory.
* at bin directory put the 3 assemblies
* after doing the above instructions use this password: 1234 to work in unregistered/test mode.
  you should write it in the e-mail text box on the upper left side of the form. the rest will open by itself.
* you are not allowed to change any of the code except those lines that i mentioned without my acknowledgment.
* read further instructions at the install.txt text file embedded in the package.

 i hope you will find this program useful for your site
Ronen Shemesh

indicating to the user that chat turned offline when he was on the waiting list
user can understand the reason for his disconnection
while hitting the "Enter" key or pressing the "Enter" botton with the mouse the form sends your message. during this short period the textbox area becomes red and disabled for writing indicating that the message is being transfered
the chat from the user interface view. not shown here: when you are logged in and there is somebody before you on the line, you are notified what is your status on the queue
supporter main form interface when pressed the "kick user" button and got a popup confirmation dialog.