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A php/.net system to register your .net trial software with web interface:

I have been using .net registration system for my programs since 2009 to my satisfaction. now, like nearly all my ip"s (intellectual property) I decided to release it to public domain. (for a fair price)
Instead of sitting and planning your own module which might take you days or weeks to achieve and debug you can use my code "as is" or add features for your own while the base is already written for you.

If you own a software company or a small developing business in .net technology you might want to consider adding to your convenience such a module that can control your customers trial version and keep you informed of changes you make for them remotely as well as an online place for customer relations details.
I just finished global entry to conduct administration to my trial software from remote.

A little history: at first I used window form interface to manage clients and one of my window program to launch it. also it consumed classic web service (WS) to invoke methods.
Now, instead of changing all the backend code which was satisfactory I decided to find a way to reuse it.
The new technology (for me) chosen to be PHP5.

the changes needed to be done to achieve this goal:
1. the first change to transfer classic WS to MS WCF technology.
2. second thing is to make conjunction of PHP backend to fetch the WCF SOAP envelope.
3. after that was achieved I could work with java script on a web interface (-: 

Admin side control panel (CP) features:
* Admin can add more installation permissions for one client (the same serial) so it will be no need to remember many for the client.
* new trial serial is only granted when installing the software, admin soon will get an e-mail notification from the client when installation progress will finish.
* admin can grant client a FULL registration and get notified by email for a successful procedure. when doing so client is no longer in control.
* Admin can extend or shorten trial period for remote client.
* Admin can change any client details
* Admin can grant remotely TUT- trial unconnected tries - means that when the client does not have constant internet connection
(like a traveling agent with Laptop) manager can assign the remote trial program to execute a designated amount of times without internet connection.
(when you assign tut the number your number will stay at the CP until client open the program which first internet connection.
than client will no more need internet for executing program (until tut count down reaches zero).
admin will get email information about successful tut and also can watch at the CP the tut text box will change again to 0, the total tut info will add it to the sum of tut credits already given.

You can freely check all server side actions interface. no client will be effected. I will renew this database if needed.

client side features:
* client side dll knows how to fetch data from the server and behave accordingly when executed.
* every new installation sum up and deduces 1 from the total number of installations allowed (a new trial let you install just once).
* client can stay anonymous or load and fill the registration detail panel while he installs the software.
* client can ask to operate without internet connection for a certain number of executions (tut).
* client can update details on the server later on from the Help menu, update details form.

You cannot experience client side because clients will not respond to the Demo DB.
Of course, You will not receive any e-mail notification as well

what you get: DEMO (use 1234 as password)
after checking the web interface you are ready for the next step. a designated regis.dll. easy to embed which converges with your demo database:

* you can either choose to merge assembly regis.dll with your project and inform me to host and save your client records in new designated database at my hosting company.
* or you can get the whole source code .Net 4.0 compatible with wcf WS (same version) and a php5/js full backend/frontend code as a bundle.

for each of these options please contact me.

main web layout for .NET registration system
while changing parameters for client, only one at a time. in this case the client is already registered thus some parameters are blocked
changing client details, the software will not make you do double updates in parallel