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Various applets in the free Tools helping program:

Download Manager applet (beta):
* this applet can download automatically any direct file on a list of download urls.
* can resume download from when it last stopped (only if the server support resumes).
* can read from a text list or make new list when first link is entered.
* can send email notification when every download is finished or a summary email when the whole list finishes.
* writes to log every event that it may encounter when streaming.
* sums up the downloads sizes from information it gets from the servers and show progress in global progress bar and in the tray icon.
* show progress of each individual download.
* this version takes care for up to 100 links in a list.
* get into "waiting" status when no internet connection is available and continues as soon as it come back.
* the applet loads and paste the link with a hot keys combination (Alt + p) directly into the applet download list.

photo converter:
* this applet can make a batch resizing of any camera or big jpg pictures to a web light format (like the ones I use at my sites) and therefore can save you time and space when uploading the images.
* It can add a user defined watermark to each of the files with or without resizing.
* applet can keep new images with the same name at the same directory-for your convenience if you have links already pointing to the old names.
* New: choose the percentage of the shrink you want, from 10-90% or you can choose not to shrink at all.

a very usefull applet to use as an alarm clock or hour reminder, you can use it all to wake up at home or to remind yourself of doing some general task at work every 1 or two hours..
my backup program: this applet can take a directory of your choice, copy it to another location, there it recursively deletes chosen files and folders, compresses it as a password protected zip file and email it to a list of receipients. the applet can do the same procedure for several directories one after another and save each configuration in a xml file for future use as a backupset.
this applet is in its diepers, it will display only one picture of your choice, in the future I plan that it will be the default choice for diplaying any image at my computer either one by one or as a thumbnails inside a directory
simple shortcut to load registered programs instead of utilizing: Start->Run
Photo Converter - this applet can embed watermark and resize all images (*.jpg's) in a chosen directory shrinked to less than 100kb web size. it is very time saving if you have many pics that you want to convert and stamp with your watermark signature
this applet can increase/decrease the laptop screen brightness
Instead of connecting and using phpMyAdmin to communicate with mySql database -I utilate this small applet that can do the same thing with the appropriate commands
this simple applet takes place of your windows task bar and displays the programs that are currently running at background, it updates every 60 seconds. you can choose any of the applets from this pane by typing the name of the applet at the text box
this applet actually does not have any interface, when you execute it from the Tools taskbar, cloick and drag the mouse to grab your rectangle for the chosen capture area. it is a very usefull applet to capture a part of the screen real estate or the whole screen premises and save it to *.png format.
great and simple terminal for sqLite DB connection whether DB is decripted or not.
as most of my applets, this is a small search and replace notepad build in to Tools program
Instead of downloading MS heavy and complicated solution, just use this applet to communicate with any version of SQL server
this applet shows you a wifi list of hotspots available at your location, then you can choose to connect or disconnect to each of these. at this current version the first connection should be done via the windows wifi system settings for it to save your credentials for future links to that router
instead of using the windows search which is evolving all the time I prefer this applet, its much straight forward and much simpler to use, reminds me the window 95/98 search pane