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MyOffice24 office collaboraton program

MyOffice24 is a simple and general contacts managements program with a local yet versatile database that can send sms messages through a web service gateway or through a GSM cellular modem with your SIM card inserted.

* program can ran from a single USB stick * program can get and send SSL/regualr emails. * Option to dial to any number of the addressbook that has the phone number field filled from the modem card if installed. this can save dialing errors by pressing the wrong digits and thus save your time.
* I give 1 week or more trial version to any office user who is interested to try my software. You purchase it only after you are 100% sure of what you experiance.
* You can manage groups and users.
* option to lock the program after a certain absence. this becomes important when using the software with USB key and inside a classroom or a library, once you leave it for a while or just forget the program and leave the place...I guess you would not like poeple to browse through your contacts and other stuff written there..
* database is always encripted.
* database is very easy to backup.
* has separate databases: one for all your contacts, sms, logs and other for emails this way your email DB can swell on a computer but not on your disk on key while taking all you contacts with you anywhere..
* if one or two of the databases are missing the program will popup a form to browse for them and not crush.

* Price is 39 us $ per station.

add details to the contact
you must login to the program and you can change credentials for the encryptred database as well
add new details to yhour contact
each contact belongs to a group, here you can manage your groups
main program interface